From The CEO

Our commitment in 2018 is to continue to serve better: better quality salmon, better environmental outcomes; better opportunities for Tasmanians and an overall better future for our people and communities.

2017 was a watershed year for our company – achieving record results, against the backdrop of industry challenges and heightened scrutiny.  For our business, and our people, there have been reflections and many learnings embraced.

I look towards 2018 with enthusiasm, as we are set to embark on a refreshed strategy, supported by world-class partnerships and certification programs, to ensure we achieve long term social and environmental ambitions, which center on collaboration, shared value and responsible farming.

Serving Better is our commitment to both our people and Tasmania.  It is imperative we have a healthy balance between ensuring responsible and sustainable industry growth and nurturing our shared waterways in which we operate – something we do not take for granted.

Aquaculture is important for Tasmania.  It occupies less than 1% of coastal waters and yet is one of the state’s most value adding products and a pillar of the economy.  At Tassal we are proud the work we do helps to create and generate thousands of jobs in Tasmania.  With our ocean farms established in economically and socially fragile communities, our investments into local people, organisations, businesses, state taxes, salaries and wages build better supply chains and improve social outcomes and access to better services for Tasmanians.

That is why our vision is to create a better tomorrow.

Protecting and rejuvenating our ocean farming areas ensures we are hand-raising our salmon in healthy marine environments, minimising our impact for sustainable farming and investing in restoration and environmental compensatory programs which benefit our business, the eco-system and the community.

Our refreshed strategy aims to build on innovations and world-leading practices in place, whilst promoting further research and development with our Tasmanian, Australian and global industry peers.

Our vision to be the world leader in responsible ocean farming includes a $275 million capital investment program over the next 5 years, where every farm is nurtured through unique environmental benefit initiatives tailored directly to its climate and characteristics.

By 2022 we are focused on achieving the following:

  • World class biosecurity and fish welfare practices
  • A focus for future grow-out sites to be off-shore oceanic farms
  • Producing Tasmania’s largest smolt in our land based nurseries, to minimise their impact on marine environments before transitioning to sea-based nurseries and then oceanic conditions
  • Investing in eco-aquaculture projects at all our existing farms to off-set environmental impacts and rejuvenate local, native species for an improved marine environment
  • Ensuring all our ocean paddocks feature the world-leading sanctuary enclosures, allowing the fish to be hand-raised with plenty of room to swim and grow safely and healthily
  • Substantial progression of current trials into adoption of natural, organic feed materials
  • Adopting carbon-neutral innovations focused on renewable energy, recycling and reuse
  • 100% regulatory compliance across all leases
  • 100% ASC certification across all our harvest produce
  • 100% fully traceable, responsibly sourced seafood

Tasmanians deserve a responsible farming industry they can be proud of.  An industry that is held up as best practice globally and fully integrated into Tasmania’s economic, tourism and hospitality landscape.

Our commitment is to work collaboratively to foster an all of industry approach to achieving sensible and forward-looking ambitions.

We will continue to innovate and invest to achieve these outcomes and unlock further potential.  The Tassal way is an ongoing commitment to serving our communities and stakeholders, to create a better tomorrow.

Mark Ryan

Managing Director and CEO