From The CEO

As farmers, we are often at the forefront of what nature delivers – from storms, drought, bushfires, warmer waters, or a global pandemic. During these times we dig deep, stand with our people, support our neighbours, partners, and the communities we operate within.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed unprecedented impact throughout the world, it did not disrupt our sustainability progress as we continued to make strategic decisions and take actions aligned with our guiding principles – our people, planet, product, and performance. This is our ethos as a responsible business.


Sustainability guides our production of accessible healthy food for the world; our efforts to build  resilient and supported employees and communities; and our delivery of strong and consistent economic results, while respecting our planet and its environment for future generations.

Operating during a pandemic

Our status as an essential service means we can maintain our focus on responsible farming and food production, allowing us to:

  • Keep our people informed and safe;
  • Deliver a continuous supply of our salmon, prawns, and seafood;
  • Deliver responsible and sustainable growth for our customers and shareholders; and
  • Support the amazing communities we live and operate within.

Despite a new global health and economic challenge, we took bold actions and made significant progress against our sustainability, performance, and operational metrics. The past year also saw the completion of longstanding projects and the beginning of a new direction.

Responsible salmon

We again delivered strong results in Tassal salmon supported by:

  • The introduction of our wellboat Aqua Spa;
  • Completing our project to rollout our world-leading ocean sanctuary pens;
  • Optimising our internal scientific expertise and scientific partnerships like the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre (CRC); and
  • Our continued focus on product quality to keep up with changing consumer preferences.

Responsible prawns

This year was also about cementing our prawn footprint and launching Tropic Co tiger prawns. We were kept busy with these portfolio adjustments and additions including:

  • Achieving major Queensland State Government approval enabling us to grow our prawn farming footprint by 53 per cent, setting us up for further success next harvest;
  • Continuing our innovation focus to ensure a competitive advantage; and
  • Creating hundreds of jobs, supporting regional growth, and building stronger local economies from our strategic decisions.

A decade of open doors

As we acknowledge our decade of sustainability reporting, global and national accolades, and achievements, it’s always been about the people. Together, we can celebrate our many achievements, from our diversified seafood product lines, our awesome people, delivering on shareholder  expectations, our commitment to our operational footprint across regional communities and our drive to continue our investments in world leading innovation and infrastructure.

What sets us apart, today, and tomorrow

We are defined by our actions and our ambition.

Through smart farming, we continue to transform our operations and create a competitive edge through artificial intelligence, automation, data, and predictive analytics tools.

Our strategy continues to show we are well positioned to meet consumer and market needs and our  voluntary third-party certifications demonstrate our ongoing commitment to going above and beyond our regulatory settings to meet global sustainability benchmarks.

We will continue our work to find solutions to global challenges like waste. As part of our future direction, we are embarking on the concept of Better Use.

This will transform how we further reduce waste, manage our carbon footprint, and reduce our freshwater use.

Our contribution to health and nutrition have never been more important and is genuine as we play our part in creating a healthier future.

The next decade of sustainability reporting will follow our journey connecting science with innovation and wellbeing. As a global leader with an eye on long term responsible success, we will continue to provide consumers with healthy, nutritious, and sustainable seafood from our oceans and coasts. Our commitment to responsible business will enable us to continue this success.

We thank everyone who contributed to our achievements in FY20. Our ongoing commitment to our employees, communities, shareholders, industry members, contractors and supply chain partners is to continue drawing on global best practice to support our efforts to innovate and continuously improve. We look forward to reporting on the next stage of our sustainability journey. We truly are better together.