When The Chips Are Down, It’s Beechwood That Gives Our Salmon Its Flavour
It’s hard to improve on the flavour of Tassal’s smoked salmon products, but that is exactly what Tassal’s Innovation Centre has succeeded in doing.
Using Beechwood chips, Tassal’s Quick & Healthy Tasmanian smoked salmon now has an outstanding colour, texture and improved flavour, making it the best tasting yet.
Kevin Horgan, Tassal’s Research and Development Manager and the man behind the change, understands the need to keep improving. “We want to retain our position as market leaders and our Innovation Centre, recently opened in Margate, allows us to do just that. We don’t make these changes overnight – they are the result of years of testing and perfecting smoking methods before we take it to the test kitchens where Tassal consumers help us fine tune our end result. ”
The Tassal smoked Atlantic salmon fillets come in a resealable pouch – a world-first packaging technology pioneered by Tassal. Allowing the smoked salmon to stay moist, the pouches can be easily resealed and stored and then reopened as required. The fillets are in fixed weight for ease of portion control.

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