We’re all guilty of it. Grabbing a donut in the tea room, buzzing through the drive-thru while car-pooling the kids or skipping lunch altogether. When you’ve only got five minutes between meetings to grab a snack, that vending machine down the hall starts to look pretty alluring.

But that convenience takes its toll – our bodies don’t function properly when we’re not fuelling them with the right nutrients. The good news is there’s now a quick, healthy and delicious snack that loves you back.
Tassal has just launched its salmon Snacking Range comprising three tasty combinations to provide the perfect solution for a healthy and nutritious meal without resorting to those unhealthy alternatives.
Packed with natural goodness, these great value snacks come in three delicious salmon varieties – Salmon & Quinoa (packed with omega 3), Salmon & Beans (packed with protein) and Salmon & Rice (with fibre).
Renowned for its Tasmanian grown Atlantic Salmon, Tassal is now offering on-the-go meals for everyday Aussies who are constantly juggling work, family, health and social commitments. There’s no need to heat or refrigerate Tassal’s Snacking Range – simply grab and go.

“Australians are becoming much more health conscious and want to be empowered when making food choices and looking for time-saving meal solutions and Tassal’s new Snacking Range is here to help them.” said Tassal’s Senior Brand Manager, George Dimkin.

“Our research* found that over 80% of canned fish was consumed for lunch and our new salmon Snacking Range provides the ideal quick and healthy lunch solution for those busy days at the office or on the worksite. They’re also great to have on hand at home, when you need something before a work out to take to the gym.”

Responsibly sourced and sustainably certified, Tassal is the only brand supplying 100% Australian grown and canned Tasmanian salmon to major supermarkets across the country.

Tassal Snacking range is available in Coles stores from 26 October 2015. RRP $4.29