Media Release
3 March 2015

Macquarie Harbour is an important waterway for all Tasmanians and this is why its use from an economic, environmental and social perspective is protected and supported by both the Federal and State Governments.

Tassal fully supports the licence and lease conditions that allow it to grow salmon in a sustainable way.  We enjoy the support of our sustainability journey
with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and our independent assessment of our farming practices through the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).

Macquarie Harbour was our first farm site assessed within the ASC framework – and this framework reviewed all the rules and regulations and importantly, the compliance thereto.

Tassal now has all its farming sites ASC accredited – the only salmon company globally to achieve this.

We understand that people, including our competitors within the salmon industry, will have views on how we operate and our practices – both within and outside of the harbour. Sometimes people form opinions without all the information.

Macquarie Harbour is and will continue to be regularly and comprehensively monitored.  For example, at present there is a focus on understanding the natural variability of the harbour in relation to dissolved oxygen and the relative contribution of aquaculture to the carbon and oxygen budgets in the harbour.

Importantly, we have been transparently recording and reporting our position on compliance in all the areas we grow our wonderful salmon. This transparent reporting led to Tassal being judged the world’s leading salmon farmer for 2014 by Seafood Intelligence for Corporate, Social & Environmental Reporting.  Our current sustainability report can be viewed at

We continue to experience excellent fish health and growth in Macquarie Harbour and remain in compliance with any licence and lease conditions that either the State or Federal Government has in place.

To view the Tasmanian Government Release please click here.

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