Tasmanian salmon producer Tassal has been benchmarked as the world’s top seafood company in an international report that benchmarks the world’s top 100 companies for sustainability reporting and transparency.

Tassal is the only Australian company listed in the 2015 seafoodintelligence.com report, achieving a Corporate, Social and Environmental Responsibility rating of excellent – only one of four companies in the top 100 to achieve this level.

The report said:

“It would be a good idea for those who ‘care’ to have a careful look at these top four firm’s sustainability reporting and policies in an attempt to emulate their excellence.”

The report used 145 key performance indicators which each of  the Top 100 company were benchmarked against.

The report said comprehensive sustainability reporting enabled a seafood firm to not only have good mechanisms in place to deal with risks and crisis situations, it helped drive the firm’s sustainability vision, provided credentials to justify its social licence to operate and provided one of many means to engage with stakeholders.

The 1000-page report quotes Linda Sams, Tassal’s head of sustainability as follows:

 “Balancing a precautionary approach with development and economic reality is a challenge myself and Tassal face daily.

 “Key to successful next steps in that environment will be a willingness to acknowledge issues or concerns, investment in research and corrective action and then the courage to have the transparency that translates to accountability.”

Tassal chairman Allan McCallum said the company’s global number one ranking in the report was a significant achievement.

“Being benchmarked as the world’s top seafood company against strong international competition underlines the commitment of our employees and the excellent work that has been achieved in this important space,” he said.

“There is no question that our sustainability program has delivered better outcomes for all our stakeholders and the business more broadly.”

The Seafood Intelligence report provides stakeholders, retailers / buyers, analysts and investors with a snapshot of the 2014 and 2015 (statements & disclosures monitored up to November 1, 2015) global seafood industry, available data and trends.

It provides context-setting information regarding the global salmon market and some of the challenges it faces.

The report also provides industry organizations, authorities and eNGOs with a good overview of the current status of the global aquaculture/farmed salmon “sustainability” debate; and gives them an insight into key industry decision-makers’ positions and expectations.

Released by: Nicolas Turner on 2 December 2015

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