Aqua Spa

About our Aqua Spa

Tassal’s well boat the Aqua Spa operates throughout Tasmania’s southern waterways as part of Tassal’s commitment to world’s best practice for our people, planet, product and performance.

Aqua Spa is being used for bathing fish in freshwater, transporting juvenile fish from our nurseries to the grow out areas in the most bio secure way, and enabling operations at higher energy locations while keeping our people safe.

Bathing is an important for the health and welfare of our fish and is a central part of fish husbandry activities.

Well boats can reuse the same supply of freshwater, resulting in a more efficient use of freshwater resources.

Aqua Spa’s introduction is boosting biosecurity while reducing our vessel traffic.

We will be applying a no surprises approach to these operations, so look out for further information.

If you have any queries about Aqua Spa, please get in touch here