Tassie’s Tassal – Introducing Rebekah

The health benefits of eating salmon

Atlantic Salmon grown in Tasmania is a highly nutritious food. A 150g salmon portion provides you with a good source of essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals (B1, B3, B12, E, phosphorus and selenium). It is also a source of antioxidants (vitamin D) and magnesium,  all of which are vital ingredients for a healthy balanced diet.

Omega 3 Omega 3s are called ‘essential’ fatty acids because they’re critical to good health, but cannot be produced naturally by the human body. They need to be obtained from food. Atlantic salmon is one of the richest naturally occurring sources of Omega 3 fatty acids. There are different kinds of Omega 3 – those from plant sources (known as ALA) and those from marine sources (called EPA & DHA). While both kinds of Omega 3 are important for good health, the marine Omega 3s are more potent and provide wide ranging health benefits throughout our bodies and brains.

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Brain Food!

Studies suggest Omega 3s are essential for brain development and throughout all stages of life and help maintain healthy activity. Studies also suggest Omega 3s play a significant role in reducing depression and increasing memory.


About Bek

Bek has a background in psychology and HR, completing her bachelor’s degree in South Australia before heading to Tasmania in 2016. She joined Tassal’s People and Culture team in early 2017.