Tassal cans the competition with 100% Australian grown & canned salmon
May 2010
In a market populated by numerous tinned fish brands, which of these can really claim to be Australian? Tassal will soon be releasing its canned Tasmanian Atlantic salmon range – the only 100% Australian grown and canned salmon on the market.

This good news follows recent withdrawals by other fish brands, moving their production off shore.

Tassal is Australia’s biggest producer of premium quality Atlantic salmon and has been delivering delicious, fresh and healthy salmon from Tasmania’s pristine waters to dining tables across Australia for over 25 years. With their fish coming straight from the crystal clear waters of the Southern Ocean and canned in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Tassal will continue to support local industry and hope that consumers will respond in the same way.
According to Dale Williams Chief of Sales and Marketing at Tassal, “We are very excited to offer the only Australian grown and canned salmon available on the market, a premium product at a great price.
We are also very proud to say that by offering a home grown Australian product canned locally we are able to provide employment to every day Australians and do our bit for the Australian economy and the local canning industry”.

There are nine products in Tassal’s Quick and Healthy Premium Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon range available in 95g and 185g cans. Favourites like Tangy Lemon and Cracked Pepper and Asian style Sweet Chilli make a delicious addition to any sandwich, salad, pasta or risotto dish, while the Roasted range offers a gourmet flavour experience.

Tassal’s exciting Roasted range is unique to canned seafood. It uses a new cooking technique where the salmon is smoke roasted at a very high temperature before being canned.
Tassal Roasted salmon is extremely versatile and is a delicious addition to any pasta, risotto, pie, pasty, quiche, sandwich or salad dish. A great substitute to Red Sockeye or Pink salmon, Tassal’s Roasted salmon comes in healthy canola oil and spring water. It also comes in gourmet flavours, Tangy Lemon and Cracked Pepper or Asian style Sweet Chilli .
Roasted salmon is part of Tassal’s new canned range which is rich in Omega 3. 100g of Tassal canned salmon contains on average 2.5 g of this essential fatty acid which has proven benefits for your heart, skin and hair health and a range of other diseases and conditions.

The products in the range include:
• Salmon in Springwater 185g
• Salmon in Brine 185g
• Salmon in Canola 185g
• Roasted Salmon in Springwater 185g
• Roasted Salmon in Canola 185g
• Roasted Salmon with Lemon & Cracked Pepper 95g
• Roasted Salmon with Sweet Chilli 95g
• Roasted Salmon in Springwater 95g
• Salmon in Brine 95g
Products will be available in IGA and Coles stores from May 2010.