Wednesday 9th May 2012
Australian families have been enjoying Tassal Tasmanian Salmon for the last 25 years. To celebrate this milestone Tassal have released “Wild Water & Woodsmoke”. The book celebrates Tassal’s journey from challenging beginnings into today’s successful and sustainable industry leader.
Dale Williams, Tassal Head of Sales and Marketing says the book encompasses Tassal’s spirit in building accessibility to Tassal’s versatile Salmon range.
“With Wild Water & Woodsmoke we are able to show our consumers what Tassal stands for and celebrate everything we have achieved over the past 25 years,” said Mr Williams.
“Salmon is a healthy and delicious product that is continuously growing as part of consumer’s repertoire. Tassal aspire to make it as easy to choose Tassal Tasmanian Salmon as a healthy meal choice for all families.”
Australia’s leading chefs praise Tassal salmon for it’s delicious taste, cooking diversity and proven health benefits. Wild Water & Woodsmoke includes over 40 beautifully presented contemporary dishes from some of Australia’s best cooks and chefs including Pete Evans, George Calombaris, Shane Delia, Teage Ezard, Jacques Reymond and Gabrielle Gate to name a few.
Wild Water & Woodsmoke is available for purchase from The Salmon Shops.