Tassal would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to working and collaborating with the local community, small business sector and the commercial fishing industry as we undertake our expansion plans. Tassal has been on a sustainability journey for many years. Indeed we’ve been working in partnership with WWF-Australia since 2012 to achieve the best possible, responsible aquaculture outcomes. Most of our more than 800 employees live and work in rural Tasmania. As such, we are very conscious of the impact of our actions not only on the environment, but on all of our employees and their families who work especially hard to meet the high standards we set as a company.

We take community and stakeholder consultation very seriously.  We’re prepared to listen to concerns, and to modify plans where possible. Sustainability is part of our culture and who we are, as we aspire to world leadership in responsible aquaculture production.

The attached Q& A information sheet (download here) is aimed at addressing concerns that have been raised recently. Any further concerns, questions or queries, are welcome by emailing us at sustainability@tassal.com.au at any time.