Tassal sets the Guinness World Record for the Worlds Largest Salmon Terrine
WHEN: 12:45pm, Tuesday 9 November 2010

WHERE: The Seafood and Health Conference, held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Queensland has the Big Pineapple, New South Wales the Big Banana, and on Tuesday Victoria had the Big Salmon Terrine! At 12:45pm at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia’s largest salmon producer Tassal set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Salmon Terrine, which weighed almost 400kg and measured 19.25 metres in length.
Tassal’s World Record Team, made up of 5 employees, including Research & Development Manager Kevin Horgan, had hoped to reach 18 metres but exceeded their own expectations with a record 19.25 metre long terrine.

The statistics:

• Five staff spent a grueling 18 hours working on building the terrine, meaning approximately 1 metre was built for each hour

• The team mixed up 100kg Tassal smoked salmon, 275kg cream cheese plus herbs, lemon, capers and onion over the two days

• Left over salmon terrine was donated to St Vincent’s Oznam House in North Melbourne


Tassal Reasearch & Development Manager Kevin Horgan with witness Michael Crawford,
Director of The Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, London
* Please note* the record is currently subject to official verification by the Guinness World Records.