Tasmanian salmon producer Tassal has won a National Seafood Industry Award in the large business category.
Announced in Port Lincoln in South Australia at the industry’s national conference, the award was presented to Tassal in recognition of “
demonstrated business growth, innovation, excellence in product, service and marketing and its substantial contribution to a positive future for the Australian seafood industry”.

Tassal CEO and Managing Director Mark Ryan said Tassal had enjoyed an extremely successful year in economic terms while keeping environmental performance at top of mind.

“Our increased understanding of our social obligations and the importance of relationships and partnerships with external stakeholders have been important factors in our recent success,” he said.

Mr Ryan said peer recognition was an important consideration for Tassal.

“The national seafood industry works collaboratively across a range of issues, and we are an important participant in a local and national context,” he said.

“Taking this into account, being recognised by your peers is a significant achievement. The seafood industry is continuing to play an important role in feeding Australians. We are obviously pleased to be contributing to its ongoing development in a positive way.”

The National Seafood Industry Awards showcase the Australian seafood industry – its value to the national economy, its professionalism and its commitment to supplying some of the world’s finest seafood to local, national and international markets.

The awards recognize and celebrate the positive contributions of individuals, partnerships, businesses and organisations towards a sustainable and profitable Australian seafood industry.