Three Day Tassal Salmon Challenge
In an effort to cleanse their bodies, improve overall health and promote radiant younger looking skin, a mother-daughter duo from NSW’s Central Coast participated in the 3 Day Tassal Salmon challenge.
This feature in the March issue of Marie Claire magazine followed the pair as they embarked on the challenge of changing their eating habits to look and feel healthier. In order to gain the greatest benefits out of adding salmon to their diets, both had to follow rules for the first three days: salmon served at every meal, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sugar, no red meat, lots of water, gentle exercise and plenty of sleep. To kick start the challenge, they had to eat salmon three times a day for three days, and then eat it three times a week.
The results were extraordinary. Mum, Eileen aged 50, was amazed at the difference to her skin even after just three days. Her daughter Zena, aged 29, noticed how much more clear-headed she felt as well as an obvious glowing to her skin. Both felt fresher and had substantially increased energy levels.
The results co-incide with the launch of Tassal’s new Pure Beauty Food advertising campaign. Because Tassal salmon is packed with the anti-oxidant Q10, Omega-3 and Vitamin E – three ingredients commonly found in skincare creams – the advertisement encourages consumers to look younger by putting something else under the knife.
When you’ve taken our 3 Day Tassal Salmon Challenge, email us to tell us your results! We would love to hear what a difference eating Tassal salmon has made and you could be featured in one of our Real People, Real Stories section.
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