About Us

Our purpose is Sustainably Feeding Tomorrow.

Tassal Group is the largest vertically integrated seafood producer in Australia.

With more than 35 years experience in aquaculture, our passion drives our commitment to meet the growing market and customer demand for healthy, sustainable and nutritious food.

We believe in sustainably produced food, through responsibly harnessing our precious water resources and playing our part in ensuring a prosperous, healthy planet for future generations. Tassal is recognised as the Australian aquaculture leader.

Our strategy is simple: Optimise our industry advantage in the Asia-Pacific region through our access to unique assets, synergies of scale and commitment to execution excellence, while continuing to innovate and capture new growth opportunities.

As farmers of the ocean and land, it is our responsibility to:

  • Produce healthy and accessible food for the world;
  • Build resilient and supported employees and communities; and
  • Deliver strong and consistent economic results.

While respecting our planet for future generations as we build a better tomorrow.

Sustainability Reports

Since 2011, our annual Sustainability Reports have aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) standards for sustainability reporting.